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Front Money
(JPY Applicable)
Money Program Complimentary
HK$100,000~ Non-Negotiate Tips Program
Play with special tips and count only Win.
・Rate of cash back - 1.1%
・Room Rate - Casino Special rate.
HK$500,000~ ・Rate of cash back - 1.2%
・Room Rate - Casino Special rate.
HK$1,000,000~ ・Rate of cash back - 1.3%
・Room Rate - Casino Special rate.
・Please charge the payments during stay to rooms. We’ll settle them by commission after finish program.
・Please understand not be able to change the program which is set before departure.
・Please understand that rolling the equal amount of front money one turn is required as minimum.
・Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiry about program.
・Japanese Yen is also applicable for Front Money, but please note the amount of Japanese Yen would be fluctuate according to exchange rate.
・We’ll explain detail before the trip or accompany together.