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If you are looking for a short getaway, Star Pisces is for you!

Gross Tonnage : 40,053 grt
Started Service :1989
Length : 176.25m
Width : 29.61m
Number of Cabin: 667


All staterooms and suites are spaciously laid out and furnished to offer total comfort with a touch of elegance and luxury.

There are 5 types of cabin.

Executive Suite - 4 adults
Junior Suite - 2 adults
Admiral Suite - 2 adults
Deluxe Suite - 1 -3 adults
Inside Room - 1-2 adults
*These number in above are maximum capacity.

You can select more variation for Deluxe Suite and Inside Room!!


Star Pisces is equipped with facilities for all types of travelers and the business executive, sauna, gym and massage as relaxation facilities.
There are restaurant, bar, pool, hair salon, sunbath area, jagging track, Show lounge, day care for children, arcade game centre, first-aid room and many more to cater to varying needs.


Our chefs cook to please your every dining fancy!
You will find dining onboard the Star Pisces a whole new gastronomical experience as our chefs dish out their specialties to impress you.


Watch first-class cabaret performers at the Galaxy of the Stars or simply croon the night away at the Sunset Boulevard. As it is your well-deserved break, we want to ensure that you have a great time.