About the advertisement

Our website provides our company information (casino junket system), the latest information or news for Casino hotels around the world including a great variety of casino events across the internet. Most of our visitors are Casino fans (wealthy class), who use junket system.

We provide the web-page space to post advertisements for each directory- header, banner, editorial advertising and etc targeted mainly to casino players. For casino marketing, this website makes high cost-effective of PR advertising possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or questions about the website advertisement.

Advertising / Public relation department :

If the advertisements correspond to any of the following, we may have to decline your requests to post advertisement in our website.

1. Online Casino
2. Site showing pornography
3. Dating service website
4. Advertising damage the reliable or dignity of this website
5. Advertising against to regulation or morality.
6. Unclear reliability
7. Advertising are defamation, invasion of privacy, interference of duty.
8. Unauthorized use for name, photo, discourse, trade mark and copyright.
9. Advertising gives viewers or users discomfort feeling.
10. Others - Advertising we judge inappropriate content.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.