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Set amid one of the longest strips of pristine beach in the world and surrounded by lush hinterland ranges, Jupiters Hotel and Casino, on the Gold Coast, is the ideal location for one of Australia’s best hotels. Jupiters Gold Coast boasts a variety of accommodation options with 593 superbly appointed guest rooms, including 29 suites and two penthouses with private balconies or sun terraces.


Gold Coast

"Blue" is a word that best describes Gold Cost.Many pepople from all over the world are attracted by this color and visit.
They are changing in a few year and it will be changed to the unimaginable town in this five years.
"Broad Beach" is most rapid change in these changed and there is "Jupiters Hotel&Casino Gold Cost.
It is not too much to say that Jupiters Hotel&Casino Gold Cost should provide you the most enjoyable entertaiment in Gold Cost.
The Casino closed to ocean and mountain is also suitable for Family to come.


Baccarat makes you feel hot when you turn over the card slowly. Roulette let you focus on white ball where it goes. Everybody have their own way to enjoy, but the excitement is same! They completed the renovation last year and Jupiter Casino attracts more people. When Beginner and experienced player can feel excitement, you can enjoy the game as entertainment not only as gambling.


Gorgeous casino always has shows and offer selected shows in the theatre with 125 seats. There equip the space for wheal chair. Every one of you can relax and enjoy the shows. You can enjoy different experience, because new shows come every year or a few years. For VIP member, they offer special seat. (Please note there is limit.)
There are package with meals. You can select from 6 types of restaurant, Buffet, Modern Australian food and etc…
Please note the Theatre is closed on Sunday.