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TINIAN island with clearest in Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and turquoise blue waters ocean.
The biggest 24 hrs opened casino in Micronesian built on five star hotel ‘TINIAN DYNASTY HOTEL& CASINO”.
A few minutes walk to private beach. You can enjoy slow time in beach day time and play games in Casino at night time. Here has perfect resort let you forget the time.
It just takes 4 hrs from Japan. That is why here attract people as secret resort.


Total 405 rooms, most are ocean view and deluxe rooms. Many varieties of rooms with pale pink themed surely offer you relax time.
It is liberating and soothes your heart to see the beautiful natural scenery from window.


The biggest 24 hrs Casino in Micronesia.
Walk through the slot machines around the entrance, then more than 30 table games, high ceiling and twinkling chandeliers there. There have view of whole casino.
This space is sort of luxury and relax.


“TINIAN BLUE” is such a clear beach leave all of us entranced.
TAGA dynasty had visited as private beach habitually. TACHONGA Beach in front of hotel has marine shop operated by Japanese.


The restaurant in the photo is Japanese restaurant “SAGANO”.
They cook selected ingredients before you eyes in Teppanyaki counter.
Equipped Sushi counter and private room and also serve many Japanese dishes.
Pizza restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Buffet and etc, you can select and enjoy them.